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1901 Thomson Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903

With heavy hearts and after much deliberation, Molly Michie Cooperative Preschool announces that after over 50 years in the Charlottesville preschool community, we will not re-open for the 2019-2020 school year.

The community among current families is strong, however teacher turnover has contributed to low enrollment which makes the financial feasibility of  another school year unlikely. In past years the passion of our parents and teachers for play-based cooperative learning has pulled us through turbulent transition states such as relocation, low enrollment, and turnover of one teacher. Unfortunately, this year we are faced with the turnover of two teachers in addition to continued low enrollment. Therefore, the current families, with the support of past families and alumni, have decided to close our doors.

The current leadership of MMP recognizes our role as stewards of the MMP legacy and it is with great appreciation for this special place that we close this chapter of the Charlottesville cooperative preschool story. We aspire to do this in a way that celebrates the community that has thrived over 50 years, reinforcing the values of parent involvement in early childhood education, developing amazing people through play-based education with a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and empathy. Similarly, we plan to distribute current resources to other like-minded non-profit organizations such that the MMP legacy will be interwoven into the fabric of Charlottesville preschools for years to come. 

With the support of our past alumni and families, we hope to ensure a graceful shutdown of MMP that adequately celebrates the legacy of this amazing preschool and all who have been a part of it over the past 50+ years.

Thank you for your understanding and support! 

The MMP Executive Committee