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Ready to play(dough)?

February 26, 2018

I realized that I never sent out an email thanking everyone for their wonderful support and participation in our Valentine's Day party! I know that it is a little late, but a big THANK YOU to each of you for your help in creating a wonderful day for our kiddos! 




Before I forget, we had a request for a class pajama day on Monday! I'm perfectly fine with pajamas, so please feel free to let your child wear their jammies in on Monday and we can celebrate a class pajama day! 


We also had a request to start having show and tell. I'm fine with incorporating this into our day if that is something the kiddos would like to start doing. I think it will be easiest if we keep our show and tell items in our cubbies. After snack we can have everyone grab their show and tell from their cubbies and we can hold show and tell as we transition outside. We can also start this on Monday. 




This week, even though it was a short week, was great! Wednesday we practiced waiting! We read a book where a character needed to wait for a surprise, played red light green light and the freeze dance song (both have pauses that require some waiting) and made some art work with white crayons and water colors (waiting for the drawing from the white crayon to show through). 


Friday we played a group game that focused on cooperation, turn taking, and gross motor skills. We then

painted with baking soda paint and watched how the colors changed when we added vinegar. This was a wonderful activity in that the kids were exploring their art work with almost all of their senses (thankfully no tasting!) There were some great observations made regarding how the artwork made noise when the vinegar was added to it! 


This weekend Courtney P and I are headed into the classroom to add some things that will hopefully get everyone thinking about spring! Be on the lookout for a flower shop, some "dirt"y sensory bin play, a kindness garden, and a class wormery! 


We will be planting seeds in our classroom to eventually transfer into our garden and are collecting items to plant our seeds in! Egg cartons (we collect these anyways for paint), milk jugs, K-cups (if anyone uses a Keurig) juice cartons...send them our way please! I think this is also a great opportunity to show our kiddos how things can always be reused and repurposed too. 




As you all know, we use playdough every day in our class. We also share this playdough with the 2 day class. Courtney P and myself have been taking turns making playdough and although we love playdough and understand it’s importance in a preschool classroom (hand strengthing, fine motor development, imaginative play) it can get costly to make playdough on a weekly basis. So while we could beg and plead for playdough supplies (and please don’t feel like dontations of supplies ever go unnoticed!) we decided that instead we would create a playdough challenge! 


We will post a sign up sheet on the classroom door that covers the remaining weeks of school. If you would like to participate in the challenge simply pick a week you’d like to supply the class with playdough. This will be open to both 2 and 3 day families. The challenge part is to provide the kiddos with the most fantastic playdough! Be creative with the ingredients, texture, color, scent etc. There are recipes for playdough you don’t cook, kool-aid playdough, pudding, chocolate and sunbutter playdoughs, playdoughs with essential oils...the list goes on and on! Pick a week and get creative! Or sign up and bring in a tried and true recipe! We will post the weekly recipes on Facebook and let the kids rate the playdough. The playdough with the highest kid approved rating will win bragging rights and an award :) 


I’m sure I’ve rambled on enough. To sum up: jammies and show and tell on Monday and start researching your playdough recipe! 

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