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Back in a flash(light)

March 6, 2018

 Please send your child to school with a flashlight on Wednesday! Allow me to explain...

I play this game at home with my boys every night (and a lot more this past weekend when there wasn’t YouTube Kids to help watch my children) where I “hide” things in their room, turn out the lights, and hand them flashlights. They then have to hunt for the things that I hid. Right now we're pretty into hiding letters and seeing how long it takes to find all the letters of the alphabet. Trust me when I say this is possibly the easiest game and provides tons of entertainment! 


But to the point-I want to try this game in the classroom. So please send your kiddo with a flashlight on Wednesday. If you don’t have a flashlight I have a few in the classroom that may or may not work (they’re from the dollar store). 


Next reminder-we weren’t terribly successful with show and tell. I am more than willing to try this again though. I will put a box outside of the classroom that I will label as show and tell. Let’s try putting our show and tell items in the box and that way I can bring the box in the classroom and don’t have to send the kids out to get their show and tell. Maybe this will help make the transition a little smoother. 

Don’t forget to sign up to join our playdough challenge! I made playdough this week but didn’t pull out any tricks. I think the kids are ready for something more exciting. I found a recipe for some cloud dough slime (which I didn’t know was a thing!). I haven’t experienced this but think it has the texture of playdough....just saying. 


Last week we planted our seeds in our “kindness garden”. If you haven’t seen them they are hanging in our window. Today we read the same book and planted some more kindness seeds. These are in a jar in the classroom with a note explaining just what they are there for. Please take a second to read it when you come in on Wednesday! 


Wednesday we will read “Stick and Stone” and talk about what it means to be a good friend. We will do a hands on activity in circle using "sandpaper and cotton words". The kids will be invited to create a friendship art project in which they will have to share materials. Friday we are going to read “Should I Share My Ice Cream?” and make baggie ice cream! This will be a partner activity and focus on working together and sharing! 


Even though our flower shop makes me think of spring, it’s not quite the hit I was hoping for with the kids. So we are going to leave it for the rest of the week and next week we will open our MMP animal shelter! PLEASE BE ON THE LOOKOUT AROUND YOUR HOMES FOR ANYTHING THAT CAN BE USED IN OUR ANIMAL SHELTER! Stuffed animals, old animal tanks/cages, animal crates, animal food dishes, leashes, collars, beds etc. These can be real or from a pretend play item. We will take it! The more we can gather the more successful our shelter will be! 


Also, as a part of our animal shelter we will be holding a donation drive for the SPCA. This will be designed to be fully run by the kids! We will talk about the importance of giving back to our community and how in the spring the SPCA needs extra items. We will brainstorm what items we think would be really important to have at an animal shelter and design a donation drive at the school to collect those items.


I think that is it for now! So to recap- flashlights on Wednesday, sign up for the play dough challenge, collect things to help transform our dramatic play area into an animal shelter, and lets try show and tell again on Wednesday! 



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