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Getting to Know You!

March 7, 2018

The 2 day kids have really come together over the course of just one month.  The kids LOVE the sensory table and spend a good deal of time "measuring" sunflower seeds, water, or rice. They love to fill up cups, trucks, and scoops full seeds and watch the seeds flow through their fingers (they love to hear it fall on the floor too 😊). Cars, trucks, and trains are another fan favorite - the kids like to watch the cars roll across the floor and through the tube or build tracks for the vehicles to ride on. The kids like to "try out" painting with brushes, sponges and mostly fingers and hands. Lastly, the kids LOVE listening and talking about stories (even those who continue to play...they are listening).  


In a month I'm learning about each child where they like to play, what they like to talk about and how they like to interact with one another. In the past, I have started out each school year meeting with my students' parents for a "get to know you" conversation shortly after I've met my students. This year was a little different. I would like to learn a few things you hope your child gets out of preschool this year. Feel free to chat with me on the day you co-op or after school sometime (you can also email if that works for you).  


In the couple of weeks before Spring Break, we will continue to focus on helping our children with their social and emotional learning. Social and emotional learning involves children developing relationships with others, strengthening their understanding of themselves and managing their emotions. In the domain of developing relationships with others, three year old children can play well when there are plenty of the same toys to play with. For instance, our children had a great time chalking the wooden house on the playground. Each child had chalk and plenty of space to draw. The conflict occurred when someone wanted another person's chalk.  My goal is to help the kids talk with their peers and come up with reasonable solutions (asking to use the chalk when the other child is done, find another piece of chalk, break the piece of chalk in two, etc).


There is a contest going in the 2 and 3 day room on which parent makes the best playdough...bragging rights are the prize!!! There is a sign up sheet on the classroom door for you to sign up to bring in the playdough for the week. There are also SOME playdough supplies on the cubby table next to the door (bags of 2 cups of flour, cream of tartar, salt and oil). Help yourself while supplies last. My girls had a great time helping me make playdough and then trying it out, of course, before bringing it to school.  

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