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Friday Pie Day?

March 11, 2018


Weekly Recap:


This week we made tissue paper flowers and worked on following 3-step directions. We went on an alphabet scavenger hunt with our flashlights (thanks everyone for bringing those in!), made birds (those red pieces of paper with feathers, eyes, toilet paper rolls etc...yeap those are birds) and we also made ice cream in a bag! The kids really enjoyed this and came up with the idea to share the activity with their 5 day friends! It was such a wonderful and kind thing! 



What’s Happening This Week?


Our flower shop has relocated to 5 day and our pet shop/vet/animal shelter has opened. In our sensory bin the kids will explore “animal food” (cereal). In blocks I’ve added some visuals to help guide options for building. In our kitchen area I have added some pictures of meals that I have made using the available play food in the classroom. This is an available resource to guide the kiddos if they need some ideas (and also perfect for observing 1:1 correspondence!) This week we will plant some seeds, explore making art with plastic and real egg shells, and vote on getting a class pet fish! We will talk about what it means to take care of a pet and make a list of things that we think our fish will need. 


A few weeks ago we read a story where someone felt like making a pizza. I thought aloud that it would be fun to make a pizza together as a class. Well, since then I have been asked every class if we are making pizza! Would everyone be on board if we made a pizza together as a class this Friday? We could each contribute an ingredient and I will bring in my little oven. 


The playdough challenge starts this week! I was asked if it was ok to contribute something other than playdough and I said absolutely. So on that note we can change our challenge to a sensory challenge! Feel free to create any kind of sensory material for our kiddos; flubber, slime, playdough, cloud dough, or something else I haven't mentioned. 


Being part of a co-op means working together to support each child in our class. Right now we have a friend in the class that is in need of a little extra support. Please review the attachments in this email prior to your next co-oping shift [omitted from blog to maintain confidentiality].


To sum it up: Pizza on Friday? Sensory challenge begins, and review attachment. 


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