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Spring Into Easter

March 19, 2018

Where has this weekend gone?! Goodness. I can't believe it’s Sunday night already! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weather today. 


Weekly Recap: 


 This week we read The Carrot Seed, painted with carrots, and planted our very own carrot seeds! We also read The Pizza Party, made our very own bagel pizzas, read It's St. Patrick's Day, painted with broccoli, and made rainbows using marshmallows and Fruit Loops (most rainbows were eaten before they ever made it home!). 



Classroom Updates: 


As you can see from our recap we did a lot this week with food. Which I am completely onboard with. As are the kiddos. What has been discovered this week is that these little guys NEED TO EAT in order to keep moving through our morning. Two snacks has made a world of difference. I would love to incorporate an "arrival snack" into our routine if everyone is ok with this change. If you are able to donate a shelf stable snack, or even volunteer to bring in something that may not be shelf stable, we could offer something small before we transition to circle. 


Things have been going really well for our friend "B." I think he’s found comfort in his safe space in the hallway and is utilizing it appropriately! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding how to approach this resource with B. His mom has been wonderful this week with helping B transition into using this resource. She’s provided him with materials that he utilizes when in his safe space, as well as slowly fading herself out and allowing B to independently access this space. It has been very successful thanks to everyone being on the same page and doing what is best for B. 


On that same note, I have had a few friends express to me that they would like a space similar to this inside the classroom. Which is wonderful and I think would be incredibly beneficial. So this week I will make time to make a space for all friends inside the classroom. This space can be accessed for any number of reasons but will be accompanied by a box that has some calming materials in case they are needed. I will also have an updated set of visual supports to be used in the classroom by both myself and the co-oper. A 5 second tutorial on your co-oping day will cover this change :) 


The playdough/sensory material challenge is underway. Thank you to Christie for providing the kiddos with a fun St. Patrick’s Day themed playdough! They really enjoyed the pipecleaners and gold coins! 


What’s Happening This Week:


This week we are going to read the book Birds all week. We are going to make clay blue birds on Monday (check out the flyer in our classroom for more details). We will make bird nests this week with materials we find on a nature scavenger hunt. Feel free to bring in any materials you and your kiddo find outside together to add for building! We are also going to make some bird magnets this week, paint with feathers, and make bird feeders. 


Easter Party?



Hard to believe but Easter is just around the corner. Would we be willing to come together again and have a celebration similar to Valentines Day? We can have a few activities like last time and then have an egg hunt on the playground. 


I think for the egg hunt it would be easiest if we each brought in some plastic eggs already filled. That way we know that there will be more than enough for the kids to hunt for. 


We can open our party to families/siblings like last time! And for snack we could all just bring in a little something, or we could all contribute a portion of something like last time with our friendship salad. That’s an easy detail to figure out. 


To sum it up: shelf stable snack if possible, minor updates to procedures, and let me know your thoughts on an Easter party. 


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