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Happy Mother's Day! 💌

May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day! I hope each and every one of you wonderful mamas were celebrated today! We worked all last week on some presents for your kiddo to take home to you....and sadly not a single one of them worked out!! We made shrinky dink hand prints that curled up in the oven and never returned to a recognizable shape. We took pictures that were supposed to be turned into magnets, but I realized all too late that I didn't have all the materials like I thought I did! We then made some beautiful cards, but not everyone wanted to make one....BUT we thought about our moms all week long and talked about how amazing moms are! So really, in this case, it's the thought that counts :) 


It's hard to believe that we only have two weeks left of school! This week we are going to perform some science experiments. Tomorrow we will make our own volcanos (and will tie this into our ocean theme by talking about the volcanic eruption in Hawaii.) We will make a volcano in the classroom and then take our fun outside to the playground where the kids will make their own volcanoes. 


Wednesday we will talk about Arctic animals and do an experiment to explore how they stay warm! Friday we have a teacher candidate, Krista, coming in for a demo lesson. Please feel free to stick around to meet her and observe her lesson! 


As always, please remember sunblock and a change of clothes this week! 


I have included our pictures that were taken that were supposed to become magnets (our friend S made a sign but chose not to take a picture!) Some of these went home on cards, but for those families who haven’t seen the pictures-here’s a little love on Mother’s Day. ❤️



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