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December 2, 2018

This week's focus in our bakery center is being a customer and what this entails (waiting in line, greetings, reading a menu, paying for your purchase). One way we can support the development of these skills is thinking aloud when we are playing along side our kiddos. So for example, if we are pretending we are the customer, we could explain how we are waiting in line behind the customers in front of us because it is important that we wait our turn to make sure everyone has a chance to order. We can point out that we are saying please and thank you when we order, etc.  I rearranged the bakery and added our kitchen area to it. So now there's a little more for the kiddos to cook with. I added some labels as well.


If you have mixing bowls, cups (for our coffee station and sensory bin), or anything that treats may come in (cookie tins, those plastic trays bakery items come in, etc.) please add them to our bakery!


I added a table in the back of the room that the kids will be able to use for woodworking projects. This week we will make wooden hedgehogs in honor of the book The Mitten. If anyone has extra hammers please, please, please donate those to our classroom!!


We practiced sewing buttons on to gingerbread men last week. This wasn't a huge hit, but I'm sticking with it! This week we will practice lacing felt mittens together. 


In our writing center we will have our wooden lines and loose parts so the kiddos can explore making letters. Right now we are focusing on letters that have straight lines (F, E, L, H, I, T) as an introduction for some of our friends who need to strengthen their fine motor skills. 


Our word wall words this week will be FULL and EMPTY. Both start with letters featuring straight lines and they also go along with The Mitten. We will talk this week about full vs empty and explore those concepts. 

Our sensory bin is now rice free but is filled with something even more fun to pick up--hot cocoa cloud dough! 


We will experiment with candy canes and which temperatures allow them to melt the fastest. We will further explore letters by writing in a hot cocoa salt tray with candy canes (I am very realistic that this will simply turn into a candy cane eating activity...) We will also engage our senses by painting with cocoa powder. 

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